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Emmett grew up in Monaghan. He studied at DIT, Dublin and completed his Masters in Landscape Archaeology at the National University of Ireland in Galway. He worked as an archaeologist throughout the island of Ireland and in Australia. Emmett was 32, a friendly, easy going, positive individual and much more besides. He was a dedicated archaeologist and was the ultimate professional. Apart from his cheerful and kind nature Emmett had a great sense of adventure.  In 2012 he moved to Perth and worked as a heritage consultant in Western Australia. Before he returned home to Ireland in the Fall of 2013, Emmett survived a snakebite while travelling from Perth, Western Australia to Adelaide, South Australia. In the field Emmett was always passionate, interesting and very humorous. When he got his job with Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd, his enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of humor came to the fore in the following correspondent received from Emmett: 
Yip, over the moon. They sent me on a 1st aid on Monday and 4WD training on Tuesday and they're letting me out in the bush next Monday so can't wait. It's certainly a lot more professional than getting a phone call one evening telling you to be at a petrol station on the main Dublin to Ballybackofbeyond road at 8am with lunch and wetgear!!! Haha the memories. 
Thank you for the memories and for the laughter Emmett. Slán.